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Currently i am working on a 3D character for my 3D game . I used mixamo to create a .dae file . Now here is the problem- when i am working on my character in editor view everything works fine but when i press F6 button to see how it will be run then instead of my character the screen appears black and there is nothing on it. can anyone tell what is the problem behind it.Ciick on below link and check


Note- The character is tiny so kindly zoom it.

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I downloaded your model ant it runs smoothly, no issues whatsoever. My guess is that you haven't set up a 3D Camera to capture the scene. Create a new camera, point it at the model and run the scene again.

Since the model is imported as a .dae file, you will have to save it as a new scene in Godot. Then you will be able to use it in other scenes.

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Thanks! I used camera setup in front of my model and now it works.

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