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Hi, when I try to flip H my sprite, it won't do anything.
It's a sprite composed of many more sprites joint by custom bones. Some of the child sprites are already flipped.
So, how can I flip everything without having to start over. (It's already been animated so I took a long time xd)
Thank you very much

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Could you try making a connection between all of the child nodes the the parent node? If you do not know how to do this, it is simple. Click on one child node that will be connected to the parent, and then to the right there should be the "Inspector" box, now click on the box that says "node". find the node type and then double click on the connection you want to make.

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Alternatively you could invert the scale.x of the parent sprite instead of changing it's flip_h property. Unlike flip_h changing the Transform2D of a node also affects its children as well.

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