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I used the export feature of Godot once or twice, and every single time I download a new Godot version, I need to download the new, more than 400Mb export templates file
(compressed with all the templates) to be able to export in all platforms. Is there a reason they don't use a type of version control system like Git to change just the crucial parts of the templates in the machine? Please forgive my ignorance, I don't have any knowledge how this works behind the scenes, but I need to know why I need to download every time.

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The current approach allows the editor download to be 27MB.

I would assume that the files must be downloaded each release because they are compiled binaries (which saves you from needing to download and configure all of the build dependencies to build the binaries on your machine).

While 400MB for each release you want to export may seem like a lot, contrast that with just the Unity editor, which is a 1.6GB download.

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That makes sense, and in fact, in Unity the export feature is quite a lot comparing to Godot. These 400MB is a bit too large to me because of my extremely limited storage size (which I will try to upgrade using an external HD as my computer is an mini pc) and internet bandwidth, but nothing impossible. The Godot developers did a very great job to be able to compact a rich-featured editor in less than 100MB.

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I used the export feature of Godot once or twice,
and every single time I download a new Godot version, I need to download

No, you don't need to download them every release. Download only when you need to package and release a game.

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