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I'm new to game development and this is pretty much my first small game. I have multiple KinematicBody2D (cars) that are always moving from right to left on the screen. When I (the player) stands on the car it moves with the car just as expected. But when it stands on the front of the car, which is a slope the player acts kind of like a wall, so the car stops moving. Here is an image of what I'm trying to explain.
Car and player representation
In scenario 1 the car moves to the left, but in scenario 2 the car stands still. How can I prevent this? So the car keeps moving when I stand on its front (the slope)

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is the car supposed to stop?

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I don't know if this will work, but click the CollisionShape or polygon which is connected to the character and click the option "one way collision" and try that. Doesn't work? Try it with the car's CollisionShape, still doesn't work? You could try making the player a rigid body instead. Sorry if none of this works.

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