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For my enemy code:
var maxhp= 10
var current
currenthp= maxhp
Func Onhit(damage):
currenthp -=damage
If current
hp <=0

My player code:
var damage
Func Area2dbodyentered(body):
If body.isingroup("enemies")
Func physicsprocess(delta):
If event.Input.isactionjust_pressed("melee"):

The end result is that the first damage is only counted like 10-5 = 5 and the current_hp will always stay on 5

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I have a question about this method you use, can you enlighten me how exactly you communicated the damage from the player to the enemy?
You only used a signal to check in the body entered the area... and a group for checking if the body was the enemy... did the body.onHit go through the group?
I didn't get that part.

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I just need to put currenthp=maxhp in func _ready()

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