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Hey all,

I mimicked the following drag and drop in 3D code available here godot-plugin-DragDrop3D and am getting the same freeze / sluggish movement of he original code
whenever I hit the edges ...

Is this behaviour expected ? It should be easy to reproduce using the original code.

If there is no workaround to this algorithm project_ray_origin , project_ray_normal , intersect_ray , can someone indicate a better one achieving the desired / smooth result ?

Tested on Ubuntu laptop + Android device : Same behaviour.


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1 Answer

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For my code, I found the solution by putting the floor as layer collision 2 and the raycast collision mask to 2:

var cast = cam.get_world().direct_space_state.intersect_ray(from,to, [rigidBod], 2, true, false)

thus bypassing hickups on other rigid bodies.
It is now working very smoothly on my Android phone.

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