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I have a simple cube setup with two textures. I applied these textures via blender render in the textures tab. These textures therefor show up on my materials. I do not have anything unwrapped or manually UV mapped. Here is a link to the screenshot of my setup:
enter image description here

In Godot engine I added lights and everything in my scene but still no textures visible. Only thing i see are just the diffuse colors. I see both the images (in .tex) format located in the resource view of godot and everything. I even see the textures applied as materials in the properties view. However; when looking at the actual object in Godot, no textures are visible, even when playing the scene.

Do I need to manually unwrap and map UV coords? Does exporter/godot not support blenders texture -> material mapping?

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Exporter isn't very sophisticated. It doesn't know that your geometry is simple cube. It won't generate UVs for you. You have to unwrap your geometry.

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