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So I was trying to export my game to android (USB debugging) . I have an old zenfone (laser) that I debug on and it used to run GLES3 on godot 3.1.2 . But for some reason it doesn't run GLES3 on Godot 3.2.2 . I verified this cos it works on GLES2

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Maybe your Android does not support GLES3?

I have ran a 3.2.2 GLES3 project on my Android.

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Thats the thing Im running GLES 3 on the old phone when I launch from 3.1.2

Oh I'm dumb and never read the whole question, sorry.
Do you want to send your APK file to me, or do you want me to send my APK to you?

The apk exported from 3.2.2 works on my Poco phone tho, just not on this old android 6 phone .(which used to run GLES3) and it is GLES 3 cos 2 works fine on the old phone

Do you get anything in the console when you run it?
I think the command adb logcat on PC will let you see your Androids console, or something similar.

Oh I havent tried that , I'll let you know after trying

But when I try fall back to GLES2 it still doesnt open meaning the device supports GLES3 but for some reason cant open this apk. I was planning to make an update for my game on this but dont want to reduce compatibility

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