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I am unsure of how to set a timer so then a sprite will appear randomly to the user. Also is it possible to create a limit of time (eg after 5 seconds but before 20)?

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I assume you have a scene, with a script attached, and a sprite as a child node of that scene.

So you can hide it in ready, wait some time and then put it visible again.

func _ready():
    $Sprite.visible = false
    var t = rand_range(5,20)
    $Sprite.visible = true

This code, first runs randomize to initialize a seed for random generation. Then hides the sprite, after that, it generates a rando number between 5 and 20 (for the limits you asked, you can change them). After that, it creates a timer, with the timeout generated randomly befor that, and wait until it times out.
After that, it puts the sprite visible again

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Thank you so much! The only thing that didn't work was the $Sprite.visible = false (vise versa) but that was fixed by just using hide() instead!

Thats strange... i tested with $Sprite.visible = false just now and it worked. IDK why is not working on your side.
Anyways, glad to help!

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