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I want to do a top view 2d race car game (like Micro Machines on Sega MegaDrive).
The car is a RigidBody2D and I use setappliedforce to make it move, I also want to use setappliedtorque to make it turn, but it does not do anything.
My RigidBody2D is in rigid mode so it should allow rotation and it works when I use setangularvelocity.
I also tried with various value of angular damp.

Why would setappliedtorque not rotate my RigidBody2D ?

Maybe there is a better way to make the physic of a car (this is the first time I try to make this).

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I finally found the answer concerning set_applied_torque not working on my RigidBody2D.

Apparently the function set_applied_torque only works if there is a collision shape as a child of the RigidBody2D. ( https://github.com/godotengine/godot/issues/4439 )
After adding the collision shape it works just fine.

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In addition, the larger the collision shape, the slower the torque movement. This is strange.

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