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Like in blender where I can save apply scaling of an object, and make its value 1 and keep the scaling, how can I achieve this in godot. I want to scale an object but after the scaling I want to save the scaling and make it's scaling value 1.

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2 Answers

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you cant do it in the editor environment.

You have to write a script for that. This class can help you:

would look like. This only works with one surface and does not work on primitives

extends MeshInstance

export(bool) var update setget _update

func _update(value):
    if value:

func update():
    var mdt =
    #will only work with 1 surfcae by now
    mdt.create_from_surface(mesh, 0)

    #step through every vetex of the surface
    for i in range(mdt.get_vertex_count()):
        #multiply position and normal by scale to apply scaling
        var vertex = mdt.get_vertex(i) * scale
        var normal = mdt.get_vertex_normal(i) * scale
        #write it back to the surface
        mdt.set_vertex(i, vertex)
        mdt.set_vertex_normal(i, normal)

    #make a new mesh
    mesh =
    #commit changes to mesh
    mdt.commit_to_surface( mesh )

    #reset scale to 1
    scale = Vector3(1,1,1)
    #tell the inspector something has changed
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depending on what you need, just make it a child. the parent is scale 1 and child is scale x?

or maybe use global_scale and leave scale alone?

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