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Hi. I am new with godot, but i wanna make something like steampunk skyships battle, and i need something like linear interpolation for rotation for more smoothly animation. I found that Quaternion have func slerp but i tottaly don't understand how to convert information from Quat to my rotation. In unity the same functionality can be reached with someting like transform.rotation = originRot * rotY * rotX. So how in godot do something like this?

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# Convert basis to quaternion, keep in mind scale is lost
var a = Quat(transform.basis)
var b = Quat(transform2.basis)
# Interpolate using spherical-linear interpolation (SLERP).
var c = a.slerp(b,0.5) # find halfway point between a and b
# Apply back
transform.basis = Basis(c)

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