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Hi, Community!

I am writing a mesh by SurfaceTool object in Godot 3.2.2. I try to set the colour of the mesh vertices and surfaces by adding a material with a colour, or by using MeshDataTool to access the vertices to change the colour. But the colour stays "Black". 

The following is my simple code:

 # mesh
var tmpMesh = Mesh.new()
var vertices = PoolVector3Array()
var mat = SpatialMaterial.new()
var color = Color(225,0,0,1)
var st = SurfaceTool.new()

# add color to the surface
mat.albedo_color = color

# draw mesh

for v in vertices.size():

mesh = tmpMesh

How could I fix it up?

Thank you in advance!


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var color = Color(225,0,0,1)

Note, 225 is crazy HDR bright. If you just want red, Color(1,0,0,1) should be enough

Thanks for the advice on coding!

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try to add normals or

st.generate_normals ()

Before the commit!

This should help

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OK, I will have a try. Thank you!

set a normal doesn't actually work. It is a problem of material setting.

If I set: mat.flags_unshaded = true, it is able to work then.

if you set unshaded the normals dont get in effect so it must not be a material problem.

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