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Hi, I have a problem with the spawner counter on a project that i work.

var sprite=load("res://Scene/Sprite.tscn")
var counter = 0

func _on_Button_pressed():
    var spawn = sprite.instance()
    counter =+1
    $Label.text = str(counter)

To be short it only show 1 and it get stuck there regardless how much I press the button. Any ideea?

P.S. Thanks in advance and sorry for bad english

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1 Answer

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You made a typo:

counter =+1

This will set the value of counter to +1. It's apparently valid code, cuz after all, +1 is a positive number. The + just happens to be optional, unlike - for negative numbers.

You should replace it with:

counter += 1

Which will increment the value of counter by 1.
(It's a shorthand for counter = counter + 1).

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Thanks you very much, i thought that is different from c++/c# the main reason been that i work from the book learn gotod in 24 hours and i saw there an incrementation that was write like that. I feel akward now... thanks again!

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