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i am trying to pick a random image for a sprite but it keeps picking only the last the one.
what am i doing wrong?

extends KinematicBody2D


var new_anim
var anim
var state
var loading_player

var dak_image = preload("res://assets/transparent/dak-player.png")
var hugo_image = preload("res://assets/transparent/hugo-player.png")
var roger_image = preload("res://assets/transparent/roger-player.png")

onready var player_texture = get_node("Sprite")

# Called when the node enters the scene tree for the first time.
func _ready():

func random_player():
    var image_players = [dak_image, hugo_image, roger_image]
    var name = image_players[randi() % image_players.size()]
    $Sprite.texture = (name)

func change_state(new_state):
    state = new_state
    match state:
            new_anim = 'idle'
            new_anim = 'move' # links en rechts bewegen en naar 
            new_anim = 'hurt'
            dead() #deze functie nog maken
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To answer my own questing i forgot to add

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