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So when I read the docs, it says that AnimatedTexture has current_frame as variable to set.

Except when I try to do that, like this:

onready var heart_fx_texture = preload("res://assets/textures/Effect04AnimatedTexture.tres")

var heart_fx =
heart_fx.texture = heart_fx_texture
heart_fx.texture.current_frame = 0


Invalid set index 'current_frame' (on base: AnimatedTexture)

It does not set the correct animation frame. I also do not have access to the 'oneshot' property. But the heartfxtexture is definitely of class AnimatedTexture.
I'm not sure what I'm missing. My Godot version is 3.2.1. Were these things added to AnimatedTexture in later versions?

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1 Answer

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Hello buddy, you see when you create a light 2d node does not have animated textures it just uses textures so if you wish for it to be animated you could try using particles

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No, actually I have the animated texture working as a resource for the Light2D, that is not the problem, buddy.

It turns out all I had to do was update Godot to the latest version. 3.2.3 AnimatedTextures do have the current_frame property.

Oh okay happy to hear

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