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Does anyone know how to use "ismoveandslideonwall()"? I have a simple if statement that prints something if "ismoveandslideonwall()" is true, but it isn't working. Any requirements that I need to know about?

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This function doesn't exists in Godot, there is no way we can help. Or are you talking about an example code you found?

I can't tell you what it does, but there is a function called
in KinematicBody2D according to the docs.
edit: I guess that is what lelget wrote, but the formating here makes it really hard to write underscores

Oh, yeah... is_move_and_slide_on_wall was added recently in the master branch. I know about the underscores, the function is not present in the official build yet.

Reading to the source code, it looks like some additional results after calling move_and_slide.
It was added by reduz as part of this commit https://github.com/godotengine/godot/commit/748836e0b373a0139c11473f862c8071bed244b7

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