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I remember watching and hearing rumors that godot 4 was going to be dropped mid 2020, but we're past that stage, anyone have any ideas on when godot 4 will be released?

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+1, really looking forward to the release. I unfortunately have no idea when it's coming, but i hope its soon!

3 Answers

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I hear this exact same question asked every few weeks... The last time it was asked here was just a month ago. And the answer given there still applies: "it'll be released when it's ready". According to Calinou you shouldn't even expect it in 2020 anymore: "There is no set deadline, but it will probably be released in the first half of 2021 (don't expect it for 2020)." And that answer was already given in April! But after all, all of the developent is public: if you're so eager to try out 4.0, then... just download it?!

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Arrgggg HTML and Android templates are deactivated on these builds

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Must be some time soon now. Be trying out the beta.

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There isn't even an alpha out yet :)

We are still a few months away from an actual beta release. What you can build/download right now is not an alpha/beta, it's a development build (hence the .dev suffix).

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hello. It will be realeased when it is done. Sometime in 2021 only cause mid 2020 is already out. anyway im pretty excited for it

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