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I am creating a simple 2D top down moving games, where different kinds of obstacles come from top, player has to avoid obstacles and move towards coins to collect. In this case I am creating obstacles programmatically and adding it to scene tree using Instance method as follows.

var enemy1 = EnemyKindOne.instance()

I am creating enemy for every 1 second and adding it to scene tree. At the time of creating and adding enemy there is a noticeable jerk. Because of this game is not looking smooth, How to solve this?

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Finally I have profiled my game and taken screen shot of it. Can you find out the cause of issue. Thanks in advance.

Screen shot here

The profiling result looks normal. Since it occurs only on Android, have you tried using GLES2 as a renderer?

Am using GLES3.

Have you tried using GLES2. You can select it in the top right of the editor.

Tried that also. Not working. Finally I found solution for the jittery problem. I have removed all floating point value assigned for properties like Collision2D,Texture Scalling, and for Visibility notifier, now everything works fine with int value. Seems if fast moving object assigned with floating point value(3.463) for Collision2D,Visibility notifier and texture makes jittery. Better use rounded int value(3).

Thanks for the discussion on my post. Finaly I wasted 3 days of time just for floating point value. But worth it.

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