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I have a character using an animation tree. I've been starting with a basic state machine and it's been working great.

I recently found myself wanting to add certain effects (such as my character flashing transparent when hit) to all states of the player. My idea is to use a blend tree to conditionally add this "flashing transparent" animation to my existing state machine.

What I need to know is how to save my existing state machine node and LOAD it into the blend tree I'll be replacing it with. Is there a way to save my existing state machine and place it into a blend tree?

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As it turns out, this is in-built functionality.

Go to your animation tree and right-click your playback node (the state machine root) and click "save"

In your new animation tree (blend tree in my case), right-click anywhere and click "load..."

I tried this when I first met this problem. Turns out I just saved it wrong. Hahaha.

Godot is so convenient. A little bit of trusting in that fact can pay off.

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