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I want to create an animation that puts the character in a certain position and then starts the loop, like from frame 0 to 4, then the loop goes from 5 until 9, without restarting from 0. I already tried creating two animations and creating another function with yield like the one below:

func _play_animation():

yield ($Animation_swalking, "animation_finished")

func _physics_process(delta):
    if Input.is_action_pressed("right"):
        velocity.x = SPEED
        $Sprite.flip_h = false
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Where is _play_animation() called?

I forgot to call it in the exemple, but it is supposed to be called when you press a key, like "left" or "right".

So $Animation_swalking and $Animation_walking are two different nodes?

Yes, they are

Why not use signals, rather than yields?
Maybe I don't use yield as much as I should.

If they're two different nodes, then are they visible at the same time? You don't hide either of them. Also, you should probably just use a signal instead of yield.

Could you give me an example in gdscript?

Not really. Are Sprite, Animation_swalking and Animation_walking all animatedsprites? Because sprites don't have play methods and you can have more than one animation for an animatedsprite.

func _on_animation_animation_finished(anim): 
  if == "start_running":

Also, I don't really know if having two animation nodes will cause unexpected behavior, never really done it myself.

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