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I am making a multiplayer game with the High Level Multiplayer API. The game works fine when connecting over a local IP address, but it doesn't connect over a public IP.

The following is my code for creating a server and joining a server:

func create_server(player_nickname): = 1 = player_nickname
    players[1] = self_data
    var peer =
    peer.create_server(DEFAULT_PORT, MAX_PLAYERS)

func connect_to_server(player_nickname, server_ip): = player_nickname
    var peer =
    if server_ip == "":
        peer.create_client(DEFAULT_IP, DEFAULT_PORT)
        peer.create_client(server_ip, DEFAULT_PORT)

The connect to server function is called by a button in a Menu that takes the ip and gives it to the function. It all works over local IP but doesn't over external IP. I have also enabled port forwarding towards my server.

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It's eerie that you asked this question 30ish minutes ago. I just posted an almost identical question here: Also having trouble establishing a connection via an external IP address, even with port forwarding set up.

Hopefully we can both get this resolved.

o sheet that is kinda creepy.

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