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Hi, i am making a runner game but i am stucked with the endless map generation. Has anyone an idea of how i need to do this?

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This question is probably too broad for anyone to answer. "endless map" can mean a lot of different things depending on the game. For example, in something like Flappy Bird, you just randomly generate a pipe on the right and move it to the left. In a runner, it could be as simple as every second or so generating a "jump" block or a "duck" one.

As your map and terrain get more complex it can get much more involved. This is not a Godot-specific thing. There are lots of resources out there if you search for pcg techniques.

I get it but imagine that you have 6 pieces in which there are obstacles that cause player to go off. My idea is that by generating them one after the other you get an endless runner map in 2d but I can't find anything about that subject.

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