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I got a Godot 4.0 unstable build off of today. I found that some keywords don't work. Mainly, what do you do in the place of export, and onready?

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3 Answers

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@export and @onready. It would be nice if the documentation for 4.0 was finished.

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How do you use it? To export a Node3D variable, what do you do?
I tried this:
@export(Node3D) var follow, but It didn't work

I also tried doing @export var follow: Node3D, @export var follow: Node3D =, @export var follow: Node3D = null, and @export var follow =

Unfortunately, there are still a lot of bugs:

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For normal variables:

@export var health : int

NodePath export has been changed to this:

@export_node_path(Resource) var resource_name
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Thanks! This is what I was searching for. Where did you get the information about @exportnodepath if you don't mind me asking?

sadly you can't add :Array to an @exportnodepath

@export_node_path(Marker2D) var waypoints: Array

*this wouldnt work..

But you can do in fact.

@export var waypoints: Array

Then you get a NIL Entry, you can change the size of the array and with a click on the PEN, you can define what kind of Node it should be.. There you can select node_path and select your desired nodes. But doesnt work anymore in one script line..

Took me ages to figure it out as there is still no documentation for this.

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Since Godot 4.0, nodes can be directly exported as properties in a script without having to use NodePaths

# Allows any node.
@export var node: Node

# Allows any node that inherits from BaseButton.
# Custom classes declared with `class_name` can also be used.
@export var some_button: BaseButton
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