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I build a title screen, and when press the button START, it goes to get_tree().change_scene("res://Scene/00World.tscn"). The change scene works but the new scene got stuck, and nothing moves. No inputs, not animation, all elements are on screen but in a completely frozen mode. I don know what caused this, it should be just a simple scene change. Looking for some advice to solve the problem, thank you.

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I found out, if I press the ESC key, the frozen scene starts to run. It is like the changed scene is loaded but not running. Is that a line of code that I need to put to make it run once the scene is loaded?

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Problem solved. Turn out that I have line of game pause code in the title scene script, and it make the game in pause mode while changing to the world scene. As soon as I remove that code, the scene loads properly.

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