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I am trying to compile godot in visual studio. When I run visual studio, I get the text: "Your video card does not support any of the supported Vulkan versions. Please update your drivers..."

I'm not sure what Vulkan is, but I'm able to run regular Godot fine. Can this be disabled?

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are you using a stable version of godot? Vulkan is a rendering engine, but it won't be implemented into godot until godot 4.0.

No, I'm compiling from master on the github, as I want to contribute to the engine.

Even though I want to contribute, would it be better to compile from 3.2?

what graphics card are you using?

According to my display settings, an Intel HD 4600.

I am facing the same issue.
I want contribute, would it be better to compile from 3.2?

Yes, that's what I ended up doing, and I was able to compile and run my code!

Merging is a lot stickier doing this though, since 3.2 is very different from master, and most changes are supposed to be merged into master. I think I may have used a second "commit slave" branch off of master and just cherry-picked from my 3.2-based branch to my master-based branch. My change was on animated trees, which was a relatively safe change, but other changes may be riskier.

I'm personally planning on adding more automated tests for my changes (when I get around to adding them) to offset the risk.

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The Intel 4600 (my graphics card) is from Intel's gen 6 and was made in 2013. Vulkan supports Gen 8 on Linux and Gen 9 on windows, so I guess I'm just outdated. Hopefully, Vulkan will be able to support older graphics cards in the final version!

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Hopefully, Vulkan will be able to support older graphics cards in the final version!

Unfortunately, that's impossible. You can't add hardware features not present on existing hardware to fix this :)

Godot 4.0 will have some kind of OpenGL renderer, still.

Ah, wishful thinking.

As long as it's optional, I'll be fine.

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