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Hi, I'm really confused about how I can be able to create a text thing that shows how much ammo I have left. Basically, I would like it to start off at 3 and every time the player collides with the balloon it increases by one. I have started it in Canvaslayer. All help is appreciated please.

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Hi, based on this question and some others you posted, I think taking the time to go through the official tutorials would really help you getting to grips with Godot. This one makes you build a complete first person shooter game, and it's easy to follow:

I have, its just my desired outcome sometimes doesn't fit what the tutorial shows and I can't ever seem to find a tutorial that suits my idea.

The tutorial covers ammo pickups and ammo overlay. From your question, it doesn't seem like you need anything special or fancy. If you don't want to read the whole tutorial, you could just download the finished fps and rip out the elements you need.

I have looked into the tutorial and its 3d which isn't what I need unfortunately

Here's a platformer tutorial:

In that video, he adds coins pickup. Next video, he shows how to update the UI with the number of coins picked. You can easily adapt it for an ammo pickup and counter.

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