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What... is this? It's label_value in code and seems to do nothing on the bottom center position of the 1D blend space editor. Editing it doesn't change the name of any animation tree parameters.

Blend Space 1D picture

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Check the docs https://docs.godotengine.org/en/stable/classes/class_animationnodeblendspace1d.html#class-animationnodeblendspace1d-property-value-label

It's just a label for the axis. If you look at the 2d blend space node, you'll notice it has 2 labels, one for x and one for y.

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What does it... do? Can it be referenced through code? Can it affect the animation chosen?

It's just an editor convenience. It lets you tell the designer what the axis is for. It's a bit more useful with the 2d blend space node. I agree it may seem a bit trivial for a 1d node.

I went and checked in the sources to make sure and yeah, it's really just a label. It won't affect your game in any way, it only adds more info for the game designer (even if that designer is yourself).

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