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I have a VideoPlayer in Scene and I would like to start my video at certain position. On user swipe, the same video should start at another position (something like youtube videos with arrow keys).

I was trying to use set_stream_position as is stated in documentation, but it won't work. The video always starts at the beginning. I also created completely new scene and tried to instantly start from certain position (without swiping), but didn't succeed.

$ = load(get_current_video()) # path to video
$VideoPlayer.set_stream_position(20) # start video at 20 seconds

I also tried to set stream position and then to play it.

Similar question: - unfortunately they didn't solve it using set_stream_position (I would also agree on using some other logic if possible)

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Seeking isn't implemented yet, the methods do nothing:

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Any idea if this feature will be implemented in Godot 4?

We don't know yet – video playback may be moved out of core to be provided by a FFmpeg-based add-on, given how broken the current implementation is.

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