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Trying to put my 8 Direction character sprite sheet into the texture of my sprite node. The size of the png is 25,600 x 128 and contains 200 frames.

Following error shows in output:

drivers/png/imageloaderpng.cpp:76 - Condition "len < 4" is true. Returned: Ref()
scene/resources/texture.cpp:603 - Condition "img.isnull() || img->empty()" is true. Returned: ERRFILE_CORRUPT
Failed loading resource: res://.import/BarbRun8Dir.png-98bff2865ebfe06b4c0e8b4c38fabd92.stex.
Failed loading resource: res://PlayerTextures/BarbRun8Dir.png.

The file isnt corrupt as i can open and view in other programs.
Thanks for any feedback!

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1 Answer

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16384px is biggest in Nvidia graphics card can handle and some mobile devices might even be less.

Try chopping your image to 2048x128 and see if it solves the problem.

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