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So, I don't know if I understood it very well; I can receive an EncodedObjectAsID from an action that my player does, but can I convert that into information about which Object it is?

I tried to look in the documentation and I confess I was a little confused.

Thanks people.

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I've never used this before (and I can't test it ATM), but from the docs, I'd expect it to work like this:

Assuming you have a valid EncodedObjectAsID...

  • It should have an id property. That's the same value returned by calling get_instance_id() on the original object

    • You can pass that id value to instance_from_id(id)
    • That will return the object instance represented by the passed id

Untested, but if your original EncodedObjectAsID is stored in myObject, I'd think this would return the original object:

var org_object = instance_from_id(
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