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Primitive Dash G

The game/prototype is a short neon runner-slide puzzlesque, the cube slides always to the front and you can only move it to the sides trying to avoid obstacles and using the (sometimes) helpful arrows that changes the direction of the cube.

Objective: Reach the torus on the level.
Move left: Left arrow/A/Click-touch on the left side.
Move right: Right arrow/A/Click-touch on the right side.

This game is the result of a kind of port of a prototype (in Unity) to Godot made for a programming class focused on (the chaos of) multi-platform design and using the advantages of Godot for that objective (a couple of really good games were made there in a short time, btw).

Links to sources (for both engines) are on the itch page, is MIT but since most of the stuff is too basic I don't know if license applies ^_^;

Primitive Dash G:

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good work! Very interesting....

Looks like a piece of nice work! Will definitely take a look at those sources at some point. There is not many examples that would showcase directly how to do stuff in comparison to Unity. +1 for that!

Thanks for the comments!

I'm kind of new to 3D and nearly the same experience with Godot and Unity so the difficulty was initially the same (also, used different approaches to make the simple models) and the production time.

Bugs in the end are similar, too similar (like sometimes both engines decide to ignore a random collider).

Advantages in Godot were Gridmap (is a bless, making the floor in Unity is a mess), stepify is great for grid based movement and no need for 3rd party stuff for easy glowing.

Also, not in the game but I was trying trails for the cube and U was impossible to make it work on mobile, while in G works everywhere.

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