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Hi everyone,

I built a couple of small little projects like just a button or a text-window, very basic stuff. They're all made from the same "original" so the size etc. are all equal. They all work. Now I'm trying to finally bring it all together in one project, which turns out to be much more of a problem than I'd ever thought possible.
I tried everything I could think of, including turning off and on again and asking the internet of course, but to no avail. Sub-folders appear and disappear again in the FileSystem, "Instance Child Scene" does and does not let me find a scene of choice, dependencies crumble... I'm perplexed.
Shouldn't this be the easiest (and most essential!) thing in the world?

How can I bring all my projects together?
(Version 3.2.1, Windows 10)

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1 Answer

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Why did you do separate projects? Why not separates scenes in one project?
For your question i think i would just copy paste scene files in my final project folder

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That's absolutely right, of course, and makes total sense, working with scenes within one single project. It's just that copy-pasting the files appears not to work as smoothly as I hoped for, which surprised me a bit because I can't really see why it wouldn't work...
Thanks for your answer!

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