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I already asked this on here: however, maybe someone has some nice workarounds because I don't wanna write my own lighting system:

I am building a game in Godot and I recently added lighting effects. However, I noticed that sometimes when starting the game, the lighting is very dark and I am really struggling to understand what may cause this.

In terms of setup: I added a Light2D with a solid white colour to act as a shadow/ambient colour and I then add various lights (add mode) to my game objects.

Could someone please help me? I am starting to become pretty desperate with this.

enter image description here

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That kind of looks cool. :)

Can you share a minimal project where this issue is reproduced? I'm not sure if i understand your setup and your problem.

oh, is your problem that your furnace isn't lighting up?

Millard, the problem bitbrain is having is that there are two llight sourcces (marked in the image) that seems not to be producing any light.

I've made games before with many lights in the same scene, working out of the box, so i find this issue strange... mor strange the answer he got on reddit, about implementing his own lighting system.

@bitbrain, could you give us the settings for the lights that aren't working?

@Millard this is the project I am having the problem with. I tried to reproduce it with a fresh project but the issue does not seem to happen.

It basically happens once in a while when starting the game. Sometimes everything is alright and sometimes lights are dimmed.

This is my game I am having issues with: I tried to replicate it in a minimal project setup but does not seem to be reproducible there.

Hey, the first strange thing i notice, is why are you using a Light for the ambient, instead of a canvas modulate?

You are my HERO! I was not aware that CanvasModulate was a thing!

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