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i found that a few things that avaliable in Learn Section
most of them were written in GdScript
i have a background of Unity Engine
i hope them putting more detail about C# tutorial.

the problem is
C# lack of tutorial, doc , API .

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If the C# API is anything like the GDNative API, the GDScript docs practically translate one to one. Only real discrepancy I've found is with resource loading.

4 Answers

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i feel like it would do better if it was included in all versions instead of a separate download

i like c# and started with it but
if i wanna make assets for other godot devs half or more do not have c# installed so forced not to use it?

but i like gdscript more now anyway

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Unity started with Javascript and Boo as the main languages if I remember correctly. The engine became more popular when it added support for c#. I think the same will happen with Godot. It is just a matter of time.

I agree about the lack of documentation for C# but C# language support is still young not complete.

I think one of the things that make Unity so great is how easy it is to find solutions to a new problem. In many cases you can just google what you want to achieve and most likely you get a hit on the community forum where someone has already published code for you to basically copy and past.

We do not have a big C# community in Godot yet. The majority like GDScript. I personally like compiled languages as I find them easier to work with. One way we can grow the C# community is to start using the community forum more. Ask more questions and help others so it is easier for new and existing users the find answers, tips and tricks. Remember to tag stuff with C# and or Mono so we can more easily find the questions.

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Its funny, the C family of programming are my strongest languages especially C# yet i've never once used it with Godot. Adding to what you've said creating more C# content in the assets library like Demos and proof-of-concept would attract even novices to try it out.

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I am using C# in it and I am finding it ver intuitive to transpose from GD to C#

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–6 votes

no. gdscript wil ever be better and popularer

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