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Hi everyone,

there is a clickable collision shape. At a point the game creates a second one "above" (= overlapping the first one). Clicking on the above one then triggers both. The lower one shouldn't though.
I'd like a "full screen layer" to appear between both collision shapes that makes everything beneath unclickable, leaving only the shape above clickable.

I couldn't find a way to achieve this (only lots of similar questions on the web, none of which helped). I tried control nodes, mouse-filter settings, unhandled_input, scene-tree rearrangements and whatnot, to no avail.
Is there really no way to tell godot "just ignore any input below this layer"? This would help so much...

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I'm on 3.2.1 - might that be the issue? (Windows 10, GLES2)
My custom-button doesn't trigger above the panel in my case. The normal button does...

I just installed 3.2.3, but it's the same here. Hmmm...

ya sorry o see em now was testing the normal not 'custom'

not all have mouse filter only the Controls. like the labels which have mouse filter set to ignore?

there is a checkbox control that includes text and check mark and works? why not use that instead of building your own our of 8 other controls?

The thing is that I originally aimed to try to basically succeed in building a button all on my own, so to speak, which was a bumpy ride with lots of different nodes and hacky code included, but it eventually worked out quite fine for me in terms of flexible animating etc. I only then, going on, stumbled over this seemingly unresolvabe problem of implementing these single buttons into a more complex context. Such a little thing to cause such a headache!

Now I guess you're right - I should see to use "on board" buttons as a base and then try to pimp them with my own designs... probably the best way to approach such elements.

Thanks for building that camparison example with "real" buttons to show me that things actually do what I want! Your help is much appreciated : )

Sorry I could not be more help.

the checkbox has lots of themable parts too can change the font and the image etc with godot themes

You helped me a lot! The deep dive into this was quite clarifying - I feel like I proceeded in my attempt to understand Godot better, so again, thanks a lot!

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