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So I want to learn programming with the end goal of making a game on Godot. I'm still an absolute beginner and have a dilemma. Should I keep trying to learn python first and then go to GDScript? Or straight away go to GDScript? I have heard they are similar to one another.

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If your main goal is to use Godot go straight for GDscript as in my experience coming from python there are alot of syntax sugar and built-in types and includes missing from Godot which any python programmer will tell you is quite frustrating.

Not to say that you shouldn't also learn python, because you should but as one of your answers suggest focus more on methodologies most specifically OOP (object-oriented programming)

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First, there is a lot in common with all programming. Learning is good, and I strongly recommend you keep a notebook or flashcards handy.

Python has better tutorials about programming and a very large community. For general programming, there is no contest.

For games, there is a contest. Python sucks at graphics in general and games in particular. You can try PyGame, and hope it sucks less, but you lose the community size of Python. If you really just want to make a fun game, start with Godot.

If you work your way through Godot for something and then switch to Python, you may feel a rush of gratitude for a richer and better designed language, followed by disgust at lack of graphic and game system support.

You will learn in whatever path you pursue. Still, too many people try to start by making a game in Python, get frustrated, and make yet another Internet startup instead.

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I agree with that. GDScript is very similar to python - but there are plenty of differences. If you know python, you can move to GDScript quickly. However, if you do not know either and you start learning python in detail, you will quickly find a lot of things that work in your python tutorials which need to be done slightly differently in GDScript.

If you want to use Godot, I'd say dive into GDScript first (and python will make sense when you start looking at it later)

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Don't focus too much on a programming language, focus on programming principals and methodologies as these don't change too much as you move from one programming language to another. If you can program in one language, it will require just a little more effort to learn another.

I say you start with gdscript as it will be much fun learning something that you are currently using. Its fun creating games and it will motivate you to learn more. You can move on to python as you progress and it won't take much to grasp. Actually python being a scripting language should give you no hard time.

One last thing, the only reason we learn to program is so we can create programs so focus on what you want to create (which actually needs all the brains), programming is much easier when you know what to program.

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