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In my case, i use a tilemap with 64x64 tiles for the mobile-like game i'm doing now.

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do you want 3D or 2D?

Hi Millard! The game it's 2d.

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If your question is about the logic of making a random level, the answers are not Godot specific and you should look up "generating mazes". Many approaches are to make some random rooms and then connect them.

If you have a more Godot specific question, could you add many more details?

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in which case the only "problem" with his question would be the category it is in. It might be in Gossip rather than Engine. This site allows any questions as long as its related to game development. :)

Just updated it. Thanks!

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There are some nice tutorials for this topic - try searching for procedurally generated maps

GDQuest demo code
Video introducing the code
Another useful example

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