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Hi! I'm new on godot, and as a blind person, I use a plugin which makes godot accesible for screen readers. Actually i'm doing the first game tutorial... but I can't draw the points in the paht 2d node, because the plugin doesn't have accesibility implemented for that. Is possible to do that in other ways? Thanks

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The points from a Path2D node are defined in a Curve2D. This can be access via curve. You can add points with add_point(coordinate : Vector2) to the Curve2D

Here is a simple example how to make a "Z" (ZickZack) as a Curve2D for the Path2D:

extends Path2D

func _ready() -> void:
    curve.add_point(Vector2(0, 0))
    curve.add_point(Vector2(10, 0))
    curve.add_point(Vector2(0, 10))
    curve.add_point(Vector2(10, 10))

I hope this will help you.

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thank you! so with the curve 2d i don't need to close the curve like in the editor, right? If I script some path in ready I only have to write the curve positions?

You don't have to close the curve in the editor. there is an option to close it, but that is optional. Just keep in mind that this is a "sharp"-curve, so no bezier-action or something is in action.

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