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I'm trying to implement Google Play Game Services in my game using that plugin:

After configure de Google API and certificates the implementation works fine in my phone when i install the app by .apk (Without debug) but when i execute by google play instalation returns the error 4 when sign in.

Someone have experience with this? Some sugestion?

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I've used the SHA1 code of the release keystore to link the app with google API, but the correct would be use the key that google play generated to app.

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Same error...but i dont understand your solution...Please can you describe step by step what you did? I have created the SHA1 of the keystore for release creating a new credential but I cannot connect either

I had the same problem as EmanuelOzorio, let me elaborate what he means.
This solution works in the following case:
If you install the apk directly, you can sign in.
If you upload to the console and download from the store, it gives error 4.
Probably you let google manage your app signing.
In that case, in the OAuth credentials, you should use the SHA-1 fingerprint from the key that google uses to sign your app, and not from your own key.
This SHA-1 fingerprint can be found in the google play console, under settings > app integrity.

I still getting the error 4

I replaced the OAuth credential fingerprint with the one under app integrity in the google play console, but it doesn't work

i'm really running out of hope

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