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On my android project, I set the project resolution to my phone resolution. My GUI elements are well anchored and are sized accordingly.
But when I share the app to a phone with lower resolution, the buttons and other GUI elements are anchored, but do not resize accordingly.
How do I resize them with the viewport?

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I'm guessing you have anchored them correctly but for the size you should be using the viewport_size as a multiplier instead of hardcoding it.

let's say you development viewport size 100x200. In this size,your control has a size of 20x20. You don't put 20x20 in your control size, but rather you set it via code during _ready().

rect_size.x = get_viewport().size.x / 5

rect_size.y = get_viewport().size.y / 10

Now when you resize your viewport to 200x400, your control will automatically resize to 40x40 but stay anchored at the right place.

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Wow! It works beautifully.
Thank you very much

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