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Hi everyone. I'm triying to achieve some kind of one way collision for a platformer 3D game without sucess. Now I'm experimenting with areas but it doesn't seems like a proper way to do it. Any ideas? Can't find nothing related to 3D.
Thanks in advance.

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You can toggle the CollisionShape's disabled property when the player is above or below it, for example.

if player.global_transform.origin.y > platform.global_transform.origin.y + half_of_player_height: #Add more if the origin of the player is centred.
    platform.get_node("CollisionShape").disabled = false
    platform.get_node("CollisionShape").disabled = true
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add a second area below with onAreaEntered(): oneWayGate.addcollisionexceptionwith(Node)
and remove the exception on

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Very clean way to do it.

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