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In my scene I'm trying to dynamically add a rigid body with a collision capsule to a spatial scene. I have a static body collision plane below, so it works normally if I add the nodes in the scene tree through the editor, but not with code.

My coded rigid body shows having a collision capsule, but falls right through the plane. I hope that I'm overlooking something.

The code I have looks like this:

var rb =

var cs =



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You should write set_mode(RigidBody.MODE_CHARACTER) instead of set_mode(2), it's easier to understand and maintain :)

Neat, thanks. I see so you can use them like statics. I was wondering if there was a way to reach those constants from outside.

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CollisionShape is an editor helper, it's not really meant to be added as child during the game.
Instead, you should use add_shape:
Maybe this could fix your problem?

Edit: this works for me:

var body =
var shape =

However, I would recommend creating a scene rather than building objects from script, it's easier to do :)

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That's what it was. I remember reading about them being helpers, but I couldn't relocate the source.

The add and set shape didn't jump out at me as I was still thinking they were methods of the RigidBody class. But now that I'm looking again, I apparently glossed over that I was looking at the CollisionObject parent class and not the RigidBody.

Thanks for helping me clear that up. X)

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