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I'm making my first mobile game (testing on iPhone), and I'm running into a problem with the touch screen controls. If I touch and hold, it takes about a half second for the game to actually detect that a touch has occurred. The game itself is a somewhat precise platformer, so this becomes a bit of a problem as the player progresses. I'm not sure if this is a problem on the Godot side or the iPhone side, or somewhere in between.

I should note that the lag does NOT occur if I immediately swipe a small amount after my finger makes contact with the touchscreen. If I could replicate this responsiveness with a normal touch, that'd be ideal.

Any ideas?

EDIT: I forgot to say, my setup currently is using the 2D touch buttons, though I've also tried using Control buttons that respond to touch.

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Turns out it was an issue with Godot 3.2.3. I just deployed using 3.2.2 and it's all good now.

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