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Good morning !

I want to make a simple game of chess and another like a flappy bird

I am a beginner in Godot
from what to start build games?
where to get background texture?
where to get grass texture for 2d game?
from where or how to make a game hero?
is there any free program to create background textures, grass, sky, etc for godot?

if I can, please give me some instructions on how to create a chess game, for example.

I am grateful in advance


Best Regards

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Good evening!
At first, visit the documentation's Step by step totorial. I recomment GDQuest on YouToube as well.
I get my assets from Rheiner`s Tilesets, Assets Download and itch.io where you can also upload your finished game. For Pixelart I use Pixelorama while Blender is perfect for 3D.
Have a nice day!

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Thank you very much you helped me a lot now I can create a game.
I wish you have a nice day! :)

Best regards

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