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I have a map populated with a bunch of instanced assets/meshes.

Would is be better to have the map modeled out with all the assets placed where they need to be prior to importing it into the engine?

Or is it better to place all the individuals assets in engine, where they need to go?

I feel like the later would be less taxing for poly count reasoning. Since for every asset its instancing the same geo and material.

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I may be wrong, but if you will need different logic to interact with different types of assets on the map I think you will need to import these as different scenes and place them in the engine.

For assets which are repeated a lot, you can use MultiMesh to accelerate rendering.

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I see now I wasn't super clear in original question. I'm trying to figure out which on would be more efficient for Godot to render. (All the geo would be static)

A large map that is pre-built/arranged with all the textures on one large texture map?


Importing all the repeatable assets seperately and building the map in Godot? Instanting all the various assets.

Also, I have to look more into multi-mesh, If I can populate mesh in specific designs, than I may give it a try.

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