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Why does godot export the dektop game in only 2 files, i.e. exe and pck unlike unity which exports project in a well structured folder.

You know it kinda looks unprofessional...

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I'm not sure I understand. The last Unity project I exported (from a few years ago) created a single executable and a parallel data folder containing a bunch of files and folders.

So, at the top level, that's 2 things (an EXE and a folder) which is nearly the same as Godot's 2 things (2 files).

I'm not sure why you consider that unprofessional, or really, what you're concerned about.

What's the original problem? Do you need to support user-generated content? If yes, you may want to look at this proposal.

@jgodfrey I am talking about that folder only, godot gives a pck file instead of folder, which to some extent looks unprofessional to me as generally big games tend to have lits of folders and subfolders.

As far as I know, the engine doesn't aim for giving ability creating AAA games, where this file structure may be common, in my opinion.

@Xrayez Ok I see

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Well maybe it's because Godot is focused on light weight and compact development.
Notice how the engine is only one executable.
The only well structured folder needed is your development folder or res folder, whatever you call it.
As for looking unprofessional, it looks professional enough to me. The end user has no need to snoop around in my game folders

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The end user has no need to snoop around in my game folders

That depends whether a particular game has capabilities for creating user-generated content, or whether modding support is involved.

Yeah. That's true though.

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