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I was wondering if it's possible to create an in-game FileDialog so players could upload an image from their own PC to be used as a Sprite.
The first problem I noticed is that the FileDialog seems to be stuck under res:// directory, I can't access specific directories that weren't packed with the game.

Is there a way to allow players to upload their own image files to a game?
I mean, the server ( for example) would not store that image, the game would just read it and create a Texture that then would be attached to a Sprite. I don't know what type of HTTP request shenanigans this would involve.

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Regarding the problem with the FileDialog being stuck under res:// did you set the "access" property?

By default, this is set to limit access to only res:// . So, in your case you need this to be either User data (ACCESSUSERDATA = 1) or Filesystem (ACCESSFILESYSTEM = 2), right?

Using this I was able to popup a FileDialog and browse my local filesystem

There is an example of usage here

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That solves the FileDialog part for desktop builds, but for HTML5 the file dialog then stays under a / directory containg the following paths:
- dev - home - proc - tmp - userfs - <project_name>.pck
I didn't find those paths on my system and I'm testing the HTML5 build on so I suppose that may be file system?

Yes, that is part of a standard unix filesystem (minus bin, sbin, etc, usr and lib).

This is how describe how html5 works on their platform : " supports HTML5 games by embedding an iframe pointing to your game on’s own game page.", so that must be the filesystem of where your game is hosted in

I guess they won't let you write to that, but you might be able to save things in the home folder (or a subfolder)

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