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I need to make a mechanical counter in 2D. To do this, I need to hide some of the symbols and partially the symbols themselves. Is there a way to do this? Or can it be done in another way? Like value of speed on this image (left tape, black area). Thanks

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1 Answer

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You need change the alpha (transparence) or the size?

If you need change the alpha you can manipulate the modulate property.

If you need change the size you can change the size property of the node.
Also, you can use a ProgressBar and change the Fill Mode property to Bilinear (Top and Bottom).

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No, I need to hide, for example, half of the symbol to create a rotating effect like a mechanical counter. The alpha channel hides the entire symbol, not a specific part of it. ProgressBar is not exactly what I need either. It is possible to imagine this as the movement of characters along the vertical, characters that are closer to the center are visible, like in a window, maybe some kind of color mask?

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