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I found one interesting idea for a game on the Internet, a logic block simulator. I created the main logical blocks and a couple more chips. I wanted to create the ability to save logical block diagrams into one block, so that the resulting block performs all the actions that all those that were placed in it did. I started development, the mode in which the inputs and outputs of the logic block will be selected, I decided to call copying. In this mode, it is possible to select signal blocks as signal input and an arrow as signal output. After pressing a certain button in copy mode, the constructed circuit was saved to a file and placed in the same folder as the game save file. What interests me most is how to simulate the operation of a particular schema after saving it. I have an idea to create a game window hidden from the player and insert a circuit there and, when entering the block from the main entrance window, activate a certain signal block on the opened window, and when a signal arrives at a certain signal arrow in the hidden window, send a signal in the main window.

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